How BikesforZim works


We search and select old bicycles in the Netherlands that are no longer used


The bikes are prepared and loaded for shipment


The bikes will be shipped to Harare by sea container via Beira


The bikes will be awarded to selected organizations or individual beneficiaries

From the Netherlands to Zimbabwe

BikesforZim is a Dutch / Zimbabwean foundation with the aim of increasing the living standard of Zimbabweans - who really need it - by using good second-hand bicycles from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are many bicycles that are literally unemployed, which can actually provide work in Zimbabwe. For many, a second-hand bicycle means an opportunity for work, income or study.

The Dutch branch of the foundation is involved in collecting the bicycles, finding donors and deploying volunteers for transport to Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean branch of the foundation ensures that bicycle-related projects are found and selected with a preference for projects that have “social entrepreneurship” in them.

On this website you can read which destination the bicycles can get through the various projects, who the local partners and beneficiaries are and you can follow where your donated bicycle will eventually end up!

Our mission is to improve the lives of Zimbabweans by making bicycles available.


Cycling in Zimbabwe

Were once the most used mode of transportation for students, workers and small business owners alike; the major cities still have a network of cycle paths. Due to the current crisis there is a reappraisal of the bicycle as a cheap and healthy means of transport. The bicycles from the Netherlands are very popular because of their robust reliability.


We are proud that we have already been able to provide 500 Zimbabweans with Dutch bicycles

With your help, a second container with bicycles, tools and spare parts has arrived. This second batch is used for training and support to local bicycle repair shops

Our partners



RESCU is a charity that provides employment to people with mental or physical disabilities in a protected environment. With the help of BikesforZim, they will also maintain bicycles.



The Wadzanai Community Development Trust is a grassroots organization that aims to develop rural areas. It is located around Uzumba Magunje Village in Mashonalnad Central, about 60 kilometers north of Harare



The Child Welfare and Protection Services (CWPS) foundation aims to provide support and a future for street children in Harare.


IMBA International

IMBA is a foundation that works for the most vulnerable children and their families in rural Zimbabwe.

The stories of our entrepreneurs

Your contribution helps people to help themselves