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Enthusiastic and motivated people who are committed to BikesforZim

When I visit the Netherlands, I am always shocked by the surplus of second-hand bicycles. Often they just go in the waste container while here in Zimbabwe I see people who lack the most basic resources and who could make a living from such a discarded bicycle.

Aad van Geldermalsen


RESCU is a 'private voluntary organisation' (PVO) established in the 1970s, comparable to an ANBI organization in the Netherlands, recognized by the Ministry of Social Welfare).

The objective of the RESCU foundation is to create employment in a protected environment for people with a physical or mental disability. It has spacious work halls in the center of Harare and has a complement of about 14 paid employees, the majority of whom have disabilities.

Like many organizations and companies, the organization is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and is barely being kept afloat with the production and modification of lower leg prostheses and the manufacture, import and maintenance of wheelchairs. The possibility to expand the activities with the storage, processing and use of bicycles as teaching material is seen as a lifeline.

The board consists mostly of members of the (old) white community of Harare, while the management is provided by Zimbabweans, some of them with disabilities themselves. RESCU is located on the 'quiet side' of Hararestreet in the Kopje area of ​​Harare.

There is no own website, manager is Fungai Mawarere, email:


Partners In The Netherlands

BikesforZim has a number of partners in the Netherlands. They range from corporations, public entities (municipalities), community groups and private individuals. They help with practical matters and advise on navigating in the jungle of the Dutch developing world.

Their contributions range from direct donations of bicycles, assistance with fundraisers, recruiting volunteers, storage, legal advice, etc…

Partners In Zimbabwe

Rotary Club of Harare Dawn. This dynamic club helps find volunteers to help clean up, unpack storage and prepare bicycles for distribution and delivery to our Zimbabwean partners. They provided the link with RESCU, the organization for people with disabilities who are already repairing wheelchairs.

A number of partners have already been identified, other potential beneficiaries still need to be screened and assessed for suitability by BFZ. These organizations range from schools, grass-root organizations, bicycle repair shops, umbrella organizations, etc.

Calls for interest in such a project: 'To train bicycle repairmen and distribute bicycles as a means of generating income', received an overwhelming response from a wide range of Zimbabwean organizations. More than 25 organizations were interested and came up with proposals on how the bicycles would be 'assimilated'.


Our Team

Our Volunteers

Aad van Geldermalsen

Chairman - Dutch ex-tropical doctor, epidemiologist for 28 years living and working in Zimbabwe

Fungai Mawarere

Secretary - Social Worker and manager of RESCU

Don MacDonald

Treasurer - ex-CFO of the Meikles group of companies in Zimbabwe, Rotary member and board member of several social institutions; Elliot Mugamu, ex-Chairman of Zimbabwe's largest bank and investment company (CBZ) and entrepreneur

Stewart Wilson

Zimbabwean entomologist, entrepreneur and board member of various social organizations

Marc De Bruycker

Belgian, doctor and ex-diplomat for the European Commission and entrepreneur

Lavert Zungunde

Social worker and ex-director of SOS Children's Villages.

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